Everyone’s Hero

Yankee Irving (Jake T. Austin – from television's Go! Diego Go!) is a 10-year-old boy who is mad about the New York Yankees, but his fervor has not translated to the diamond as his skills on the baseball field are a little lacking. When he and his pals are playing pickup ball Irving is always the last one chosen. Despite his shortcomings, Irving dreams of becoming a hero in the sport he loves for the team he adores.

In the year of 1932 Babe Ruth's (Brian Dennehy – Ratatouille, Gladiator), the Yankees number one star, beloved bat is stolen during the World Series. Irving decides that he has to find the bat and save the World Series for the Yankees. His search for the Babe's bat takes him across the entire United States and during his quest he learns a thing or two about heroism and friendship.

You have to kinda excited about an animated feature directed by Superman….the late, great Christopher Reeve. If a story touched him then you figure it must mean something. It is a film that the whole family will find funny, touching and cute. As a parent you will be able to watch this animated film without worrying about language or violence. It will certainly bring those good old days feelings to baseball fans.

Special Features:
-Remembering Chris
-Theatrical trailer
-Fox Family Fun trailer
-Fox Kids trailer
-Care Bears teaser

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