Michael J. Fox – Comedy Favourites Collection

You would be hard pressed to find a bigger actor during the 1980s than Michael J. Fox. And I bust with pride when I say that due to the fact that he is Canadian! Take that Hollywood! The combination of his success on the small screen with the family comedy "Family Ties" and his big screen success made him one of the most marketable actors out there. Lately he has been quite quiet on that front due to the battle he is waging against the destructive disease of Parkinson's. We surely cannot begrudge him that as he is fighting the good fight for the rest of humanity. Dial back to the 80s and what he was doing was also beneficial to large parts of the human race. He was onscreen as his cute lovable self. Fox had that ability to make us feel like we could all be actors with his easy going average Joe onscreen persona. We all related to him, the characters he played and made him gold at the box office. While the films in this collection are not his finest moments onscreen you will still find them entertaining.

In "The Secret of My Success" by director Herbert Ross Fox stars as Brantley Foster, a young man who leaves his family's home in small town Kansas for the bright lights and big city (wasn't that another Michael J. Fox film?) of New York. He is determined to make it there so he can make it anywhere. His big dreams come to a crashing halt when he soon realizes that it's going to be a whole lot harder to be the big success he wanted to be. The job he was promised is not there and he is left high and dry with rent to pay and no income.

He talks his wealthy uncle Harold Prescott (Richard Jordan) into giving him a job in his company's mail room. Seeing this as an opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the company, Brantley does not just deliver the mail. He spends most of his time leading a double life as a case of mistaken identity gives him an in to a large corner office complete with a secretary. Brantley is a man on the way up…if he doesn't get caught!

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Next up is "Greedy" by Jonathan Lynn where our cute diminutive lead actor is Daniel McTeague who is a professional bowler that does not make much money doing what he does and it seems he is coming to the end of his career. He walked away from his crazy family years ago, but at this juncture he is pulled back in. The family, who has been waiting for years for the wealthy Uncle Joe (Kirk Douglas) to kick the bucket, is worried due to the fact that Joe has hired a very beautiful and very young lady named Molly (Olivia d'Abo) to 'help' him out around the house. They think she is after the money. Danny is brought in to get to the bottom of things. Soon enough the entire family finds out they are being played, but not by Molly.

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The third film is "The Hard Way" by director John Badham where we find our favourite Canuck portraying Hollywood actor (that's a stretch!!) who is trying to do more 'serious' films, so is wanting to do some undercover research as a cop in order to get a plum role. Nick Lang is partnered up with the very unwilling Detective John Moss (James Woods), who is used to working alone. Moss is removed kicking and screaming from the murder he is working on to do the monkey job of teaching Lang the ropes. Not willing to accept this reassignment, Moss goes on secretly still investigating the murder which places him and Lang in hot water in many ways.

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Last up is "For Love or Money" by Barry Sonnenfeld featuring Michael J. Fox as Doug Ireland, a hotel concierge is paid to babysit the young mistress of a dodgy investor. Seems simple enough until Ireland realizes that he is falling for Andy Hart (Gabrielle Anwar), which is jeopardizing his dream of one day owning and running his own hotel. Ireland now has to choose between love or money.

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