Joni Mitchell

The environmental situation has gotten so dire that Joni Mitchell has felt the need to update her musical call for awareness "Big Yellow Taxi" from the 1970s. Like this track most of the album has something or other to do with the environment or our troubled planet. Despite its acknowledgement of the sad state of the natural environment it is not a downer as with age has come the wisdom of accepting that everything happens for a reason. We are told to look for the silver lining in every cloud. The cry for environmental awareness also rings true as she has always been a supporter and not a Mary-come-lately.

Being an accomplished painter certainly does colour her music as everything is quite visual as if trying to create a picture to accompany the emotion of the music. The woman truly is an artist in all sense of the word and everything she does is 'artistic'. She is inspired by art and other artists. For example, the last track on the album uses a Rudyard Kipling poem for its inspiration.

Demonstrating that as an artist she is always evolving the first track on the album is an instrumental one, which is a first in her recording career. It really sets the mood for the album plus we get to focus on her piano playing without the distraction of vocals.

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