Ben Lee

If you enjoyed Lee's last album then you should like this one as well as they are quite similar. He writes infectious melodies and witty lyrics that have the ability to stick in your head for days. Obviously this Aussie has made some friends in the U.S. as Good Charlotte's Benji Madden and Mandy Moore join him on different songs. Though he is now in his late 20s Ben Lee seems to have the ability to retain that youthful side as only he could get away with singing a song called "Birds and Bees" at his age. The best example of his witty lyrics is in the song "What Would Jay Z Do?", an ode to his musical hero. Most of the albums songs can be classified as mellow pop with only "American Television" and "Sex Without Love" speeding up the tempo. Ben Lee has been recording music since the age of 14 (this is his seventh album) and shows no signs of growing old…nor does his music.

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