The Wedding Night

Tony Barrett's (Gary Cooper – High Noon, The Pride of the Yankees) life is in the toilet. He is washed-up as a writer, burnt out about life in general, broke, and married to a woman (Helen Vinson – The Thin Man Goes Home) with no compassion for his situation. Things are not looking good for him. Barrett is forced to go back to his family's home in Connecticut. There he meets his Polish next door neighbour (Sig Ruman – The Glen Miller Story, Stalag 17) and his beautiful daughter, Manya (Anna Sten – star of several Russian films). Barrett and Manya soon find themselves falling in love. Their affair is discovered by her father and he forces Manya to marry another man (Ralph Bellamy – Pretty Woman, Oh, God!). Barrett is not about to let the love of his life marry another man.

Simply an old fashioned love story of the type that does not exist any longer. The chemistry between Sten and Cooper was good even though it was rumoured that Cooper hated her. There is also the interesting element of immigration into the United States during the 1930s and how immigrants were looked upon. What is better-than-average about the film is the cinematography by Gregg Toland (The Bishop's Wife – 1947, Citizen Kane). Everything looks beautiful especially the Connecticut outdoors. I also applaud director King Vidor (The Fountainhead, Northwest Passage) for giving us a film that does not stoop to the typical happy ending.

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