Bob Weir and Ratdog

The Memorial Auditorium was crammed last night as Bob Weir came back to visit his friends in Vermont. The set started off slow and spacey with a meandering 'Jack Straw' the same song The Grateful Dead opened their show with back in 1983 while playing here. Life can be so circular…this may only make sense to a Dead Head or an obsessive raconteur recalling a sub-cultural trend insignificant to most.

Bob Weir's Green Mountain Fans have been dancing to his / The Grateful Dead's music in Burlington, Vermont for almost 30 years. Weir's first Burlington appearance was back in 1978 when Weir played along side Jerry Garcia in the indescribable, the one and the only 'Grateful Dead.' Everything seemed to be a lot less complicated in the seventies. There were no cell phones, no PCs, no instant messaging, just a handful of television channels, no CDs or DVDs, no Playstation. Perhaps only one of a few constants remain, Bob Weir sang the verses to 'Sugar Magnolia' in 1978 as he did last night just before the concert ended with a rollicking 'US Blues' encore.

Bob Weir is well chronicled in the annals of Rock 'n' Roll, as one of the key founding members of Grateful Dead. Weir's concerts still contain mostly 'Dead' tunes with a few original songs sprinkled in just for artistic satisfaction. The crowd still explodes into rapturous applause and frenzied dance when the first few chords or words of a Grateful Dead song were played. The repetitive hollers for 'Jaaaaaarrrry' (Jerry Garcia) have been replaced by euphoric chants for 'Bobby'

Ah, it was wonderful to reminisce, to hear those songs that we cherished and that represented the soundtrack of our youth. Thanks, Bobby, for playing 'Dead" one more time.

Set List
Set I
Jam >
Jack Straw
Cassidy >
Bird Song
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance
Shade of Grey
Hell in a Bucket

Set II
Blackbird (acoustic)
Friend of the Devil (acoustic)
Victim or the Crime
Two Djinn
Come Together >
Bird Song (reprise)* >
Cassidy (reprise)* >
Sugar Magnolia

Encore: U.S. Blues

Show with Steve Kimock (Guitar)
*With Mike Gordon (from Phish on Bass)

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