Magnum P.I. – The Complete Seventh Season

Since the private detective series "Hawaii 5-0" was such a hit in the 70s television producers reworked for the 80s and came up with this series. Magnum P.I. was the type of private eye series that appealed to both men and women. The women loved Tom Selleck and his moustache and the men wanted his car (a red Ferrari). Both sexes liked that the series was set in Hawaii and included nice scenery and plenty of people in bathing suits. The series was really popular, lasting eight seasons.

Episode 1: L.A., Part 1: Magnum (Tom Selleck – from television's Las Vegas) goes to Los Angeles in order to do some work for his boss, Robin Masters.

Episode 2: L.A., Part 2: Magnum and Cynthia (Dana Delany – from television's Desperate Housewives) investigate Marti's (Mona Miller) murder.

Episode 3: One Picture is Worth: Magnum gets a job protecting a woman who was a witness to a bank robbery.

Episode 4: Straight and Narrow: A hotel detective hires Magnum to find his missing sister.

Episode 5: A.A.P.I.: A famous French detective (Paul Verdier – appeared in episodes of Hart to Hart and The Rat Patrol) is murdered at a Private Investigator Convention and Magnum tries to find out who dun it.

Episode 6: Death and Taxes: Magnum starts receiving prank phone calls that could possibly be from a serial killer.

Episode 7: Little Girl Who: Continuation of a show from Season 2. Magnum discovers he might have had a child with his first wife.

Episode 8: Paper War: Higgins (John Hillerman – History of the World Part 1, Chinatown) and Magnum get into a war of practical jokes.

Episode 9: Novel Connection: Crossover episode between Magnum P.I. and Murder, She Wrote.

Episode 10: Kapu: After being shot, Magnum wakes up on an island where he is being nursed back to health by the natives.

Episode 11: Missing Melody: T.C.'s (Roger E. Mosley – A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, The Greatest) daughter is kidnapped.

Episode 12: Death of the Flowers: Magnum's friend Carol (Kathleen Lloyd – appeared in episodes of Emergency and Simon & Simon) asks him to help her find out if a judge is taking bribes.

Episode 13: Autumn Warrior: Higgins brings a bunch of hoodlums on a survival trip into the jungle.

Episode 14: Murder By Night: It is San Francisco in the 1940s and private eye Thomas S. Magnum is investigating the death of newspaper boss William Maxfield (Bill Edwards – appeared in episodes of Hawaii Five-0 and Bonanza).

Episode 15: On the Fly: T.C. is shot.

Episode 16: Solo Flight: On a solo mountain climbing excursion Magnum is bitten by a centipede and ends ups trapped beneath a World War II fighter plane.

Episode 17: Forty: Magnum turns forty and falls in love.

Episode 18: Laura: Doheny comes to Hawaii to search out those who raped and murdered his granddaughter and he wants Magnum's help.

Episode 19: Out of Sync: Cynthia comes to Hawaii from L.A. to see Magnum, but he is busy with a case.

Episode 20: The Aunt Who Came to Dinner: Magnum's aunt who has Alzheimer's Disease comes for a visit.

Episode 21: The People Vs. Orville Wright: Rick (Larry Manetti – appeared in episodes of Starsky and Hutch and The Streets of San Francisco) admits to having committed a murder.

Episode 22: Limbo: Magnum is shot.

Special Features:
-Murder, She Wrote Crossover Episode: Magnum on Ice
-Inside the Ultimate Crime Crossover
-America's Top Sleuths

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