Care Bears – Oopsy Does It

Cheer Bear and Grumpy Bear have built an amusement park for all their friends to use. Accidentally, Oopsy Bear, the only Care Bear without a belly badge, destroys it. Seizing the opportunity, Grizzle, the evil bear, uses this chance to try and steal all the other bears' belly badges. Oopsy will either be the hero that rescues the day or the goat who is the cause of all this trouble.

Presented in CGI animation, this Care Bears adventure movie present fans with a new bear (Oopsy) to get to know and the bears have been updated lookswise. You can now tell who is a boy and who is a girl. For the really young fans the scenes with Grizzle can be a little on the scary side. It is not their best movie, but still enjoyable for the tiny tots.

Special Features:
-Care Bear toy in each DVD package
-"We Are the Care Bears" music video

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