Richard III @ Dawson College Theatre Preview

The third year Professional Theatre Students at Dawson College will be staging a production of William Shakespeare's Richard III. It is the inaugural play for the College's new $11 million dollar, 180-seat capacity theatre. It will be a hot ticket so make sure you get there early to reserve your spot!

Richard III is one of Shakespeare's more powerful plays. It is a dark story of the rise to power of the Duke of Gloucester which he accomplishes using every dirty trick in the book. The leader of England, King Edward IV, is near death, so Richard sees his window of opportunity to seize the throne. He turns on his own family and even kills off the rightful heirs in order to place himself on the throne. Nary a dull moment occurs during this play!

Additional information:
-Dawson website:
-Dawson College Theatre: 2000 Atwater

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