Soulja Boy

The Hip Hop and Rap industry is going through difficult times. Rightly so, as many of these artists have been dishing out so much hatred and lots of filler tracks on albums. Looks like the public may be simply getting tired of a worn out formula. There seems to be a new wave of Rap artists on the block trying to revive this struggling market. Newcomer Soulja Boy has been getting lots of attention lately. His album "" has hit record store shelves. "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" starts off kinda cool but gets repetitive. "Sidekick" has a "blah" hook. "Snap And Roll" sounds similar to the previous tune. On "Donk," Soulja Boy is inspired by Chingy. The repetitive trend continues though. "Soulja Girl" is alright but could have been better. Rap artists generally seem unable to make an album without disrespecting women in some way. Soulja Boy is no exception. The title "Booty Meat" says it all. Obviously, very little effort was put into this album lyrically so the repetition gets annoying real fast.

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