That Thing You Do – The Director’s Cut

I guess being one of the most popular and loved actors on the planet was not enough for Mr. Tom Hanks. He got bored and decided to write a script then direct the film. Apparently that still was not enough as he has a role in the film, as well. His debut behind the camera replicates that big hearted persona he has. The film itself has plenty of heart and spunk.

It is the mid-1960s in the United States and The Beatles have invaded the country winning over many fans. The country is in the midst of Beatlemania. Guy Patterson (Tom Everett Scott – Because I Said So, Boiler Room), a connoisseur of jazz, is tired of working in his parents' appliance store, so he decides to join a band called The Oneders (later to become The Wonders) when their regular drummer Chad (Giovanni Ribisi – Cold Mountain, Lost in Translation) breaks his arm. After reworking a ballad written by lead singer, Jimmy (Johnathon Schaech – How to Make an American Quilt, Poison Ivy II), the song becomes a surefire hit. With the help of their new manager, Mr. White (Tom Hanks – Philadelphia, The Da Vinci Code), "That Thing You Do" brings this little Eerie, Pennsylvania band to a countrywide success story in a matter of months. Like many before them the pressure of coming up with a follow up hit creates tension. So much so that band members cannot handle it.

Only someone like Tom Hanks could manage to assemble a supporting cast of Liv Tyler, Charlize Theron, Rita Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, Chris Isaak, Kevin Pollack, Steve Zahn, and Jonathan Demme for his film. True to his nature he has made a film is as timeless as he is. It has that kind of old fashioned feel about it when you watch with today's eyes. Hanks obviously loves this period in rock and roll history and his film depicts it glowingly. He shows the music industry from the perspective of when you are on your way up and adored. Even the tougher parts are made to look not all that bad. This time is depicted as a time of innocence where things were less complicated. Hanks has decided to make a movie that pays homage to music and his film accomplishes that as he really focuses on the music, to a fault at times, but not enough to dilute our enjoyment.

Special Features:
-Making That Thing You Do
-That Thing You Do Reunion
-"Feel Alright" music video
-The Wonders! Big in Japan!
-The Story of The Wonders
-HBO First Look: That Thing You Do!
-TV spots and trailers

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