Melrose Place – Third Season

The group of young people in this nighttime soap are just the type that you would hate if you met them in real life. They are successful, good looking and have no trouble getting dates. I hate them as I am writing this. That being said, the television watching public loved this group of twentysomethings. So much so that careers were made (Hello, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Kristin Davis and Marcia Cross) or cemented (Hello, Heather Locklear) due to the series success. There was no holding back with this series the good girls were sugar sweet and the bad girls were poison. It was completely over the top and made no apologies about it. If you are down with that sit down and enjoy the incredible lives of a bunch of young people living in the same apartment complex. You won't believe your eyes at times.

Episode 1: I Am Curious, Melrose: Billy (played by Andrew Shue) finds Alison (played by Courtney Thorne-Smith) who is seeking shelter with Meredith (played by Tracy Nelson).

Episode 2: It's A Bad World After All: Kimberly (played by Marcia Cross) brings Michael (played by Thomas Calabro) home from the hospital and watches him like a hawk.

Episode 3: In-Laws and Outlaws: Sydney (played by Laura Leighton) agrees to a deal so she can leave the psycho ward.

Episode 4: Grand Delusions: Michael, who still claims to have amnesia, is approached by Sydney, who tries to pass herself off as Miranda.

Episode 5: Nonsexual Healing: An explosion on Jake's (played by Grant Show) boat causes everyone to panic.

Episode 6: No Strings Attached: Alison's new secretary seems interested in Billy.

Episode 7: The Cook, the Creep, His Lover and Her Sister: Chris (played by Andrew Williams) makes a play for Sydney and then brags about it to Jake.

Episode 8: Love Reeks: Jake comes to Sydney's rescue.

Episode 9: Dr. Jeckyl Saves His Hide: Alison claims to be alright with Billy dating an old friend, but her heavy drinking indicates otherwise.

Episode 10: And Justice For None: Jo's (played by Daphne Zuniga) fight for custody of her unborn baby hinges on Alison's testimony, but she gets drunk at the wrong time.

Episode 11: The Days of Wine and Vodka: Kimberly invites Jo over for Thanksgiving Dinner with the ulterior motive of trying to get her baby.

Episode 12: The Doctor That Rocks the Cradle: Alison is arrested for drunk driving.

Episode 13: Just Say No: Bruce (played by Stanley Kamel) hangs himself in Amanda's (played by Heather Locklear) office after learning some bad news.

Episode 14: Sex, Drugs and Rockin' the Cradle: Jake breaks up with Sydney when he finds out she slept with Chris.

Episode 15: Holiday On Ice: Amanda visits Alison in rehab to let her know her job is safe.

Episode 16: Bye Baby: Caitlin Mills (played by Jasmine Guy) starts at D & D.

Episode 17: They Shoot Mothers, Don't They?, Part 1: Mr. Carter (played by Jerry Hardin) finds Jo outside his cabin and he uses his gun on her.

Episode 18: They Shoot Mothers, Don't They?, Part 2: Jo realizes she will not win so she gives her baby up for adoption.

Episode 19: Another Perfect Day in Hell: Alison's sister Meredith admits to being a virgin and then tries to seduce Billy.

Episode 20: Boxing Sydney: Amanda and Michael go over her options for her cancer treatment.

Episode 21: St. Valentine's Day Massacre: Kimberly is getting really jealous about Michael being Amanda's doctor.

Episode 22: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dinner at Eight: Kimberly makes a call to Amanda telling her that her condition is terminal.

Episode 23: And the Winner Is…: Alison steals the spotlight from Amanda at the Century Awards.

Episode 24: Love and Death 101: The board names Alison as the new president of D & D.

Episode 25: To Live and Die in Malibu: Brooke (played by Kristin Davis) gets a job at D & D.

Episode 26: All About Brooke: Kimberly tries to kill herself and Michael has to call an ambulance when Sydney shows up.

Episode 27: Melrose Impossible: Billy is sick of Alison's controlling nature so he sleeps with Brooke.

Episode 28: Hose By Any Other Name: Amanda takes out a restraining order on Michael.

Episode 29: Kiss, Kiss Bang, Bang: Jess (played by Dan Cortese) hires a hit man to kill Jake.

Episode 30: Framing of the Shrews: Billy proposes to Brooke.

Episode 31: The Big Bang Theory, Part 1: Dr. Burns (played by Jack Wagner) returns, gets Michael out of jail and starts seeing Kimberly.

Episode 32: The Big Bang Theory, Part 2: Jess beats Jo when she says it is too soon to get engaged.

Special Features: Melrose Place According to Jake, Melrose Place: Seven Minutes in Hell, Everything You Need to Know About Melrose Place – Season 3, Love Thy Neighbor: The Baddest and the Best of Melrose Place: Hosted by Daphne Zuniga.

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