Urban Concept 2008

Throngs of mostly fashionistas and industry insiders filled the conference rooms at Le Centre Sheraton Hotel in Carrefour Laval. The Event: an insiders' view into what is hot and upcoming in hair design. This presentation was aimed at Quebec stylists that use Redken products in their Salon.

The Redken team brought with them five familiar faces and about 30 models to indulge and educate the masses on hand. Catherine Allard whose speciality consists of color and texture of hair, Steve Racine, an animated hair stylist not new to the stage has been inspiring other stylists for years. Pietro D'aquila owns 4 Salon and his life revolves around hair, another familiar and animated stage lecturer. Lissa Monette has worked with The Redken Team and Star Academie for 2 years. Her love of fashion and hair is contagious. Last but definitely not least Stéphane Legros, probably the most creative and detail oriented stylist on hand. Legros has entered and won several competitions and he is considering entering the fray again next year.

In attendance: any hair stylist who could attend this prestigious event did. Everyone with cameras in hand took as many memories home with them as their memory cards would allow. In short, short is in, once again. However, shaved or closely cropped hair on the nape and longer on top for the winter. Spring 2008 promises even more extreme short styles: sectional shaves for men and women, buzz cuts and long and short styles. Colors will be equally extreme. Several different shades of hair will be the norm.

The show invigorated most in attendance with a new direction in style and bold new creative challenges. Redken has also added a few new products to their product line. Some newer Redken products will add contour and along with the cut and color, heads will be turning in 2008.

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