Christmas Time in South Park

The Simpsons have their Halloween specials which they have become quite well known for and those smart mouthed kids from South Park have Christmas. In what has become a tradition (as much as South Park clings to any traditions) series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone always put an extra effort into their Christmas episodes. This DVD contains many of the classic South Park Christmas episodes, including "Christmastime in Hell", "It's Christmas in Canada" and everyone's favourite "Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo". Due to South Park we learn how the troops in Iraq spend their Christmas time, how Christmas is handled by the Jewish community, and that what is really important about Christmas, if we are all completely honest, is the presents.

Episode 1: Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo: The kids attending South Park Elementary try to hold a non-denominational holiday party. Kyle is sent to the looney bin due to his talking to Mr. Hankey.

Episode 2: Merry Christmas Charlie Manson: Cartman and his friends spend the holidays with his family and Uncle Howard breaks out of jail only to show up with his cellmate Charles Manson.

Episode 3: Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics: A special hosted by Mr. Hankey and filled with Christmas carols.

Episode 4: A Very Crappy Christmas: Mr. Hankey cannot perform his usual holiday duties as he is tied up with family issues so it is up to the boys of South Park to fill in.

Episode 5: Red Sleigh Down: Cartman gets the help of Jesus, Santa and Mr. Hankey in Iraq with the soldiers in order to get him into the positive column for good deeds for the year.

Episode 6: It's Christmas in Canada: Ike's birth parents, who are Canadian, bring him home for the holidays as per the orders of the Supreme Leader. The kids all head up to Canada to rescue Ike and find Saddam Hussein hiding behind the curtains.

Episode 7: Woodland Critter Christmas: The forest animals ask Stan to build them a manger for protection from the lions, so that they can focus on preparing for the coming of their saviour, Satan.

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