Live Free or Die Hard – Unrated Collector’s Edition

Having no pretensions other than to entertain us, director Len Wiseman's (Underworld, Underworld: Evolution) latest film makes no efforts to be a thriller or 'smart' (not that it's dumb); it's just an adrenaline ride. Once the action starts about ten minutes into the film the next two hours are just a visual rush.

Once again NYPD Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis – The Sixth Sense, Die Hard) is the right man in wrong place at the wrong time. After another argument with estranged college daughter, Lucy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead – Grindhouse, The Ring Two), McClane is given a seemingly easy assignment in that he has to pick up computer hacker Matt Farrell (Justin Long – Accepted, The Break-Up) and bring him to the FBI in Washington. Thinking this is a Joe job, McClane is not thrilled, but when he gets there it turns into more than he bargained for. Assassins try to kill him and Matt. They get away only to run into what Matt calls a 'Fire Sale'. A disgruntled ex-government computer expert, Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant – Catch and Release, Gone in Sixty Seconds) along with his right hand woman, Mai (Maggie Q – Mission: Impossible III, Rush Hour 2), have constructed a computer hack called a 'Fire Sale' in which they are attacking three important levels of society: transportation, energy and finance. All of the United States will soon be under their control. Once again McClane is pressed into action to save the day and this time the stakes are raised as his daughter Lucy is taken hostage by Gabriel.

You might be one of those who worried that this successful action series had run its course and that Bruce Willis was getting a bit long in the tooth to do this kind of film. Well, rest assured there is plenty of life left in both of these old dogs. The Die Hard series, which reinvented the action film genre in the 80s, manages to maintain its high standards despite the 20-odd years between the first and fourth films. Possibly the reason for this is that Bruce Willis has always played the character as a guy who does not really want to be the hero. He looks like your average middle-aged cop, but he is able to do the most incredible things when pushed. Willis is still in great shape so that leant a lot of realism to the character. Another plus is that the film does not rely on too much CGI effects. There is still plenty of gun fights and hand to hand combat. The stunt work is incredible in sections. The makers of the film show that sometimes the 'old-fashioned' way is the best.

Special Features:
– Analog Hero In A Digital World: All-New Documentary on the Making of Live Free Or Die Hard
-Yipee Ki Yay, Motherf*****: Bruce Willis/Kevin Smith Interview
-Fox Movie Channel Presents Fox Legacy
-Original Theatrical Trailer
Music Video: "Die Hard" Performed by Guyz Nite

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