The Eagles

Despite the fact that they kinda broke up and that it's been 28 years since they've done a studio album, The Eagles are back and sounding like they always have. These mature musicians (I didn't say old!) know what works for them and what they are good at. There is no reinventing the wheel with this album. The country tinged rock sound is still there, the harmonies, and the alternating lead vocalists. You'll sometimes feel like you are in the 1970s again while listening to it, but I don't mean that it a bad way rather it will make those that can remember the 70s nostalgic. It is also an album that will grow on you with each listen. You won't be able to judge it after on go through – give it a chance to age like a good wine and you will be rewarded. Though I'm sure there will be some negative Nellies, most fans will certainly agree that they don't want to wait as long for another album.

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