Ever since this film's premiere at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival there has been a huge buzz about the film. It is due to the fact that the film is a little film that can and also that the director/screenwriter Adrienne Shelly (first film in wide release) was murdered before she saw the purchase/release of her film. At its essence the film is about how giving birth to a child changes a woman's life for the better. A simple concept, granted, but presented in a unique way. Shelly made this film as a tribute to her own daughter. As a writer and director she has that rare ability to be able to depict everyday ordinary occurrences without being demeaning or simply using it to get a laugh. There are plenty of laughs in the film, but they are not at anyone's expense. The characters are all well written and multi-dimensional. The acting for all the characters is spot on. Keri Russell, who we all remember as Felicity, is able to show she can play a character who is a bit rougher but also vulnerable and funny. It certainly is her coming out party as an actress with a large range.

Shelly is also able to take an event (motherhood) that has happened to hundreds of millions of women and look at it from a new angle. It taps into probably every woman's fear who has gotten pregnant of how scary the idea of having a baby is. This is a taboo that has not really been examined in film so the honesty and freshness of it is really captivating. Everything about the film tugged at peoples' heartstrings while still remaining full of hope. It is a romantic comedy, but not your usual one as it is about a multitude of different kinds of love – motherhood, friendship and romantic.

Jenna (Keri Russell – The Upside of Anger, Mission: Impossible 3) is your stereotypical small town girl. Everything is routine nothing ever changes, but for Jenna this is not a source of comfort. She finds herself married to a man she hates and fears and she works as a waitress in a diner. The only things that are allowing her to keep her sanity are her friends Dawn (Adrienne Shelly – appeared in episodes of Oz and Law and Order) and Becky (Cheryl Hines – RV, Along Came Polly), the wonderful pies she bakes for the diner and the belief that as soon as she saves enough money she will leave her husband Earl (Jeremy Sisto – from television's Six Feet Under). Jenna makes pies that are wonders and plans to enter a pie contest in which first prize is $25,000. She is a woman with a plan.

Then life comes along and throws Jenna a huge curve ball as she discovers that she is pregnant. She does not want a baby, especially with Earl, and is not at all happy with the prospect of becoming a mother. The new OB-GYN in town, Dr. Pomatter (Nathan Fillion – Serenity, Slither) is an awkward but nice guy. Despite the fact that they are both married they start up a relationship that seems beyond both their control. From this point on very little in Jenna's life goes as she had planned it to.

Special Features:
– Behind the Scenes "This Is How We Made WAITRESS Pie"
-"Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character with Keri Russell"
-"Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character with Cheryl Hines"
-"Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character with Nathan Fillion"
-Documentaries – "Written and Directed by Adrienne Shelly: A Memorial"
-"Hi! I'm Keri. I'll Be Your Waitress"
-"The Pies Have It!"
-"A Message from Keri Russell about the Adrienne Shelly Foundation"

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