Mr. Bean’s Holiday

En route to Cannes as part of a trip to the beaches of France that he won, Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson – Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral) accidentally separates a boy, Stepan (Max Baldry – first film), from his father (Karel Roden – The Bourne Supremacy, Hellboy). Mr. Bean and the boy are stranded with no money or way to get to Cannes. He will now try to reunite father and son and get to the beach.

Not that we have come to expect much from Mr. Bean, but I think that this film isn't even up to the usual low standards. It is an immature film with the humour and story being totally silly…and not in a good way. To be fair the story is not really important in a Bean film; it is really just about putting him in situations in which he is going to embarrass himself or do something silly. The thing is that the physical and situational humour in this film has all been seen or done before…by this very character! It has now become boring. The film also has this phony feeling feel good aspect to it which just doesn't belong in a film of this type. We don't want that out of Bean; we just want him to be his usual goofy self. It sorta mucks up the pacing. And speaking of pacing, I don't know if director Steve Bendelack (director of British television shows) was running short on time or what but the ending just abruptly appears and the film ends before you know it. A good thing or a bad thing, I'll let you decide.

I do have to admit that I liked Willem Dafoe in this film. His character was a self-absorbed film actor/director who is so out of touch that what he makes is drivel. It almost seemed like the character was written with making fun of film connoisseurs and critics in that the character made 'intellectual' films that audiences could not relate to. This caused me to chuckle, which the same cannot be said about the rest of the film.

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