Taraf de Haidouks

The woman is so influential that ever since Madonna appeared live in London with a group of gypsy musicians the genre has really exploded. Hopefully this trend she has started doesn


If you want to hear what this band is like live then I suggest you pick up this CD. It is as close as any studio recording can be to their live sound. If you are wondering who


After selling 150 million albums this hugely successful (in whatever incarnation) band got back together (or at least three members did) this year to tour the world and this is a recording of the sold out European portion of the tour. The 21 tracks cover many of their classic and Continue Reading

Cowboy Junkies

Artists releasing combo sets of CD/DVDs are no longer unusual and neither is re-releasing albums. This is kind of a new twist though. The Cowboy Junkies released their album