’72 Complete – Team of the Century

In terms of big events in Canada the 1972 hockey series versus the Soviets is a real biggie. Everyone who was alive and old enough to remember the series can tell you where they were when Paul Henderson scored the series winning goal and many of the details from the eight games. It was the two greatest hockey nations facing off against each other for the first time with four of the games happening in the Soviet Union and four in Canada. The series had taken years to organize and it was going to prove worth the wait. It was the cold war and this was going to be war on ice.

Thirty five of the best Canadian players were invited to a training camp. This was the first team to be known as Team Canada. No one in Canada thought that the Soviets had a chance against the best Canadian players. No one that is except Team Canada coach Harry Sinden. The Canadian players and Canadians themselves did not respect the Soviets. Canada was sure to win and easily.

Interviews with such hockey greats as Phil Esposito, Bobby Clarke, Ken Dryden, Bobby Orr, Vladislav Tretiak, Boris Mikhailov, and Tony Esposito are used to construct the story of this wild series. Narrated by Graham Caswell each of the eight games is shown in their entirety over the span of the eight discs in this collection. This achievement on ice is still today deemed as one of Canada

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