Various Artists

This entire soundtrack was written and played on by the talented Jesse Harris (obviously Ethan Hawke, the director of the film, is a fan), a name you might recognize through his previous work with Norah Jones. He does not do things alone as he has brought in several different singers to perform with him on the CD. Such performers as Cat Powers, pianist Brad Mehldau, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Feist, and Norah Jones can be found on this recording. Stylistically the album is a mixture of country, jazz, pop, and blues. Jesse Harris shows us why he is one of the more respected songwriters of the last decade with his simple yet catchy melodies coupled with heartfelt lyrics. Unlike many soundtracks it is not a case of a bunch of songs just thrown together; it truly is a cohesive body of work that conveys the feelings and tone of the film.

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