Gary Cooper – MGM Movie Legends Collection

If you were constructing a list of top Hollywood leading men Gary Cooper would certainly make the cut. He possesses all the required qualities such as good looks, charm and a debonair style about him. Though he was handsome he never allowed himself to be pigeonholed into one style of film with his roles being varied. Though he is best known for his Western and War films. Not only easy on the eyes Cooper could also act as proven by his two Oscar Awards.

The Winning of Barbara Worth directed by Henry King:

The beautiful Barbara Worth (played by Vilma Banky) wants nothing more in the world than to help her father (played by Charles Lane) turn his desert town into farmland. Her plans are foiled when a wealthy land developer is commissioned to build a dam using the Colorado River. To further muck up the situation she finds herself the object of affection of two men, her friend Abe Lee (played by Gary Cooper) and the dam engineer, Willard Holmes (played by Ronald Colman). Disaster seems imminent when the trio finds out that they have been tricked and the dam is not reinforced.

The Real Glory directed by Henry Hathaway:

Just after the Spanish-American War, military doctor Bill Canavan (played by Gary Cooper) arrives at a Filipino settlement heavily damaged by war that is plagued by cholera and still under attack from a Moro chieftan. The troops are outnumbered, low on supplies and without much hope, so Canavan takes up arms and attempts to raise the morale of the remaining soldiers. They decide to put up one last stand.

Vera Cruz directed by Robert Aldrich:

As a pair of mercenaries, Benjamin Trane (played by Gary Cooper) and Joe Erin (played by Burt Lancaster) are always looking for a good time. This time they head off to Mexico in search of adventure and money. It is the time of the 1866 Revolution and the Countess Duvarre (played by Denise Darcel) hires them to escort her and her gold to Emperor Maximilian

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