The Adventures of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit – 2-Disc Set

Before Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse there was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. His stuff is rarely seen today and that is a shame because during this collection of shorts you really can see his evolution into Mickey. Oswald was produced from the years 1926 to 1928. The silent cartoons may frustrate some, but really are an important part of animation history.

The second disc contains a combination of Alice cartoons and early Mickey Mouse. Again they are probably more for fans of animations rather than children.

Disc One:
1) Tall Timbers
2) Sky Scrapers
3) The Ocean Hop
4) Trolley Troubles
5) Oh, Teacher
6) The Mechanical Cow
7) Great Guns
8) All Wet
9) Rival Romeos
10) Bright Lights
11) Oh, What a Knight
12) Ozzie of the Mounted

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