She’s Gotta Have It

Spike Lee is not your typical Hollywood writer and director. He's bold and has certainly raised a few eyebrows with his movie making style. His debut feature "She's Gotta Have It" explores the complexities of relationships and gender stereotypes.

Nola Darling (Tracy Camilla Johns) is a young middle class African-American woman with three boyfriends. Boyfriend number one is Greer Childs (John Canada Terrell), the handsome but vain model. Number two is Spike Lee himself playing the role of Mars Blackmon, an eccentric nerdy type. The third man in Nola's life is Jamie Overstreet (Redmond Hicks) who fluctuates between being nice guy and possessive. He, in fact, winds up being the worst of the three men she is dating. All three men try to get Nola to commit to them but she doesn't want to because she can relate to certain qualities of each man.

This movie was initially released in 1986 so back then such a movie would have been considered provocative. It makes viewers think about gender stereotypes and explores the complexities of emotions and relationships. It also highlights male insecurities, which is also interesting to see. They are just as insecure as women are.

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