Interview with Karen Coshof

The environment is one of the hottest topics being discussed today. Whether it's Hollywood celebrities or politicians, everyone seems to have their own opinion on this matter. There is a lot of debate and controversy concerning the effects of climate change. Montreal based Stonehaven Productions addresses this important issue in their insightful documentary entitled "The Great Warming." This visually stunning global journey is narrated by Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves and singer/songwriter Alanis Morisette. Here is our exclusive interview with the creator and producer, Karen Coshof.

1. Tell us about your background?

I started out as a commercial photographer in Montreal and did that for about fifteen years. I couldn't stand it any longer so I got involved in selling creative services to the northern U.S. I didn't like that either so I joined Stonehaven Productions, which is actually my husband Michael Taylor's company. We are not a traditional production company at all. Stonehaven started out as a corporate communication company and we remain so. We do a tremendous amount of work for the Canadian Government and for large corporations. When we develop something for television, we tend to do it the way we would with our other work, which is collaborative. It's not one director's viewpoint. In fact, it's not that kind of documentary at all. I prefer to call it factual.

2. How did you become interested in the environment?

We all remember the ice storm right? We started talking to the federal government and wanted to do a segment that would let people know what they should do, how to prepare, what to have in the house

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