The Pink Panther and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection – The Inspector

The cartoon version of Inspector Clouseau (Pat Harrington) is pretty much like the real life one. He is a bumbling idiot but he somehow always solves the case. The 34 Inspector cartoons (17 are in this collection) were all done in the late 1960s, so take that into account. They can be a little dated but still are generally funny. Just be aware that there is no Pink Panther in these cartoons it is all the Inspector.

Episode 1: The Great DeGaulle Stone Operation: The Inspector guards the DeGaulle diamond from the Matzoriley Brothers Weft, Wong, and White.

Episode 2: Reaux, Reaux, Reaux Your Boat:The elusive smuggler, Captain Clamity is actually a bit of a nervous type that vomits pearls when he's scared. The Inspector and Deux-Deux try to capture them on their boat but their plans end up quite rocky.

Episode 3: Napoleon Blown-Apart: The Mad Bomber has escaped from prison and is out to seek revenge on the man who put him behind bars – the Inspector's boss, the Commissioner. Inspector and Deux-Deux are on the case.

Episode 4: Cirrhosis of the Louvre: The Blotch can change into all sorts of shapes including shadows and walls. He is intent on stealing the paintings from the Louvre. The Inspector and Deux-Deux stay in the museum to guard the famous works of art.

Episode 5: Plastered in Paris: The Inspector and Deux-Deux are now after "X," a criminal who drives a yellow Sedan, yellow boat, or camel with a big "X" on the side. It turns out "X" isn't who they think he is.

Episode 6: Cock-A-Doodle Deux-Deux: At the Marquis' charity ball, the Inspector must guard the largest diamond in the world that is so big it is worn by placing it in a cart. Of course, it is stolen very quickly. He suspects foul play when he discovers the Marquis was once a chicken plucker and hired chickens for all her servants.

Episode 7: Ape Suzette: A shipload of bananas is hijacked. After tracking the culprit at his hideout, the Inspector plans to take on the crook – a little English sailor – alone. He doesn't realize the real thief (a giant ape) is in the closet of the hideout. Sgt. Deux-Deux to the rescue.

Episode 8: The Pique Poquette of Paris: Spider Pierre, the notorious pick-pocket with spider arms who can break all laws – including laws of gravity, is on the loose.

Episode 9: Sicque! Sicque! Sicque!: The Inspector and Deux-Deux investigate the house of a mad scientist. Deux-Deux drinks a strange concoction and keeps changing into a monster.

Episode 10: That's No Lady -That's Notre Dame: A purse snatcher has stolen the purse of the Commissioner's wife. The Inspector dresses like a woman as a decoy and is taken out to dinner by the Commissioner, who thinks he/she's the Inspector's sister.

Episode 11: Unsafe and Seine: The Inspector is ordered meet with a secret agent who has news that the Inspector's life is in danger. After trying to meet at all sorts of locations it turns out the agent is in charge of the Inspector's many mishaps.

Episode 12: Toulouse La Trick: The Inspector handcuffs himself to a prisoner but that doesn't keep the prisoner from escaping.

Episode 13: Sacre Bleu Cross: Chasing a dangerous criminal, Deux-Deux finds that his rabbit's foot is not very lucky.

Episode 14: Le Quiet Squad: The Commissioner is under doctor's orders to stay in bed in peace and quiet. With the Inspector in charge of keeping the peace, that is hardly likely.

Episode 15: Bomb Voyage: The Commissioner is abducted by aliens.

Episode 16: Le Pig-Al Patrol: The Inspector is hot on the trail of a motorcycle gang.

Episode 17: Le Bowser Bagger: A police dog is used to track a robber.

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