The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

The more cynical of you out there might be sighing heavily with the thought of watching another film about a successful person being struck with an illness/accident ending up with a serious affliction and triumphing over all the odds. When it is put that way it sounds like your average movie of the week. Missing out on seeing this film would be a serious error in judgment on your part. There is nothing average about the film about the Elle magazine editor who has a stroke then ends up only being able to blink his left eye in order to communicate, but ends up dictating a story to an assistant.

Everything about the film is a marvel. The way it looks, the story, the acting, and its originality. In order to distance it (by miles) from a movie of the week, director Julian Schnabel (Before Night Falls, Basquiat) has made the telling of the film completely from the main character

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