Melrose Place – Fourth Season

Not all soap operas are aired during the daytime. Melrose Place is the perfect example of the fluffy soap opera stuff that has become popular at night. The series revolves around a bunch of ridiculously good looking friends who live in the same apartment complex and their lives and loves. The stories are completely outrageous and fans of the series loved it just for that reason. Every storyline is high on drama and over the top at times, but in a tune in and tune out kind of way.

Episode 1: Post Mortem Madness: Kimberly (played by Marcia Cross) detonates a bomb in the courtyard and there are some victims.

Episode 2: Melrose Is Like a Box of Chocolates: Some of the tenants have to live together due to the damage from the bomb.

Episode 3: Blind Ambition: Allison (played by Courtney Thorne-Smith) regains her sight.

Episode 4: Simply Shocking: Brooke (played by Kristen Davis) takes a trip to Miami in order to uncover some dirt on Amanda (played by Heather Locklear) and then uses what she finds out to blackmail her.

Episode 5: Drawing Henry: Jack (played by Antonio Sabato Jr.) returns to Los Angeles to look for his estranged wife.

Episode 6: The Jane Mutiny: Jane and Richard (played by Patrick Muldoon) decide to stay engaged.

Episode 7: Let the Games Begin: Peter (played by Jack Wagner) brings Kimberly to Amanda

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