Hero Wanted

Not all films that are released straight to video are a waste of time. With this film, however, you can plainly see why the studio would not want to spend money promoting a wide theatrical release. We

Erykah Badu Concert Preview

When as an artist you have been compared to Billie Holliday you know that you have the respect of your peers and the critics. Winner of several Grammy and Soul Train Awards, neo-soul singer Erykah Badu is someone who marches to her own beat. From her debut release in 1997

David Martel

An odd variety of instruments appear on this album by multi-instrumentalist David Martel. We get to hear the melding of the glockenspiel with the guitar, banjo, horns, and accordions. This is a very dreamy version of pop music

Otis Redding

This is soul music at its best on this 2-disc CD set. Redding represents such a pure form of soul music that it will bring you right back or introduce you in the best kind of way to the genre. His voice is raw and filed with emotion such that Continue Reading

Solient Green

Plowing straight through their songs like a bull in a china shop, there seems to be no stopping these guys. The sounds come fast and furious. The sound is grindcore combined with death metal vocals. Everything is urgent, aggressive and raw. All the guitar work, which stands out more than Continue Reading