Bad Dream Good Breakfast

This indie trio has a kind of orchestral sound to their music as it is big and full. If you are a fan of bands such as Arcade Fire, Sugar Ros or Mogwai then you should check these guys out.

It is not the type of album that you will be able to appreciate fully on just a few listens. You have to keep it in your CD player for a while to get it. It will certainly grow on you.

They are a fairly new band and have to completely shirk off the pressures of recording an album and do what feels right to them. Sometimes I felt while listening that they were somehow trying too hard.

Rounding out the whole epic nature of the album, each song will paint a picture in your brain as they are all little stories. Much of it sounds like burlesque or the famous Moulin Rouge were the inspirations for much the lyrics as many of the songs have a never too subtle sexual quality to them. Ooh, la, la!

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