The Odd Couple Preview

Neil Simon (Barefoot in the Park, Sweet Charity) has written two of the quirkiest characters and one of the funniest plays about two opposites living together ever staged. It is a play that has been presented in many different mediums (onstage, film, television) and viewed by millions of people. The two characters of Oscar and Felix have been beloved for over 40 years. Debuting on Broadway in 1965, directed by Mike Nichols and starring the legendary Art Carney and Walter Matthau as Felix and Oscar, the play was so popular that a film version was shot in 1968 starring Walter Matthau as Oscar and Jack Lemmon as Felix. Its popularity had not yet ended when in 1970 it was made into a television program starring Jack Klugman as Oscar and Tony Randall as Felix. Viewers could not seem to get enough.

It is the story of the compulsive neat freak Felix Ungar, a newswriter, who is thrown out of his home by his wife. With no other alternative Felix moves in with Oscar Madison, also a divorced man and a sportswriter who is a slob plus Felix

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