The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple is a classic. This play by Neil Simon was initially seen on Broadway from 1965 to1967 and starred Art Carney as the neurotic Felix and Walter Mathau as Oscar. Then it hit the big screen and Jack Lemmon took over the role of Felix. Finally, a television Continue Reading


Since they formed in 1991 the British trio Portishead have been about sampling, scratching, hip hop beats, bass, and remixes. They have become one of the leading trip hop bands for alt-rockers. Their music has been played and used anywhere from commercials to lounges. Tired of the spotlight Portishead members Continue Reading

Panic at the Disco

For the follow up to their huge selling debut album, Panic at the Disco has changed from a pseudo- New Wave influenced band to one who uses bands such as The Beach Boys, The Kinks, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones as their sound gurus. The music on this album Continue Reading

The Raconteurs

If the first Raconteurs album was more pop rock then this one is dirty rock. It is raw, energetic and raggedy. There is also an underlying edginess which threatens to come busting out to the surface every now and then. The album certainly has a dark side. And I mean Continue Reading