The Raconteurs

If the first Raconteurs album was more pop rock then this one is dirty rock. It is raw, energetic and raggedy. There is also an underlying edginess which threatens to come busting out to the surface every now and then. The album certainly has a dark side. And I mean that in a good way.

You will hear traces of country and blues in many of the songs. There is no one sound throughout the album except for the crazy guitar licks that happen on almost every song. The interchanging of the lead vocals by Jack Black and Brendon Benson makes for an interesting difference, but Black definitely is the stronger/more interesting of the two.

The Raconteurs have turned it up a notch and we benefit from that. Two albums in and they are sounding much more tight and confident as a band. You gotta believe that it will only get better from here.

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