There seems to be a steady stream of talented young female singers coming from the U.K. now with Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis, KT Tunstall, and Natasha Bedingfield appearing all over the charts. You can add to the list Welsh singer Duffy (Aimee Duffy). Sounding like she is channeling 60s artists like Dusty Springfield or even Dionne Warwick doing Burt Bacharach, Duffy certainly falls into the siren category of female singers. The album alternates from soul to cool to sad songs and back to the blues incorporating several different sounds that all harken back to another time in music history yet still sounds fresh to these ears. Besides her clear and pleasing to the ear voice what really stands out about the album is its great musical arrangements. Sophisticated, lush and soaring are some of the words I can think of to describe the musical accompaniment on the album. It is a sexy and exciting debut from a woman who seems to have a limitless amount of talent.

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