Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

Family gatherings can be great opportunities to reconnect with relatives that you haven't seen in a while and reminisce about the good times. On the flipside, for some it can be the most dreadful experience ever, coming face to face with family members they cannot stand and reliving past disappointments. Continue Reading


Japanese animation/anime has been respected for a long time and Paprika is a film that gives you an understanding of why. It is peculiar, but in a draw-you-in kind of way. Dr. Atsuko Chiba has been entrusted with the honor of being one of the select psychotherapists chosen to try Continue Reading

UEFA Euro 2008 Preview

It's really fantastic that every two years we get a high-caliber, large-scale soccer tournament in World Cup or UEFA Euros. The beautiful game is usually well-served by these two tournaments that see some of the best teams in the world pitted against one another for all the glory. They say Continue Reading