Japanese animation/anime has been respected for a long time and Paprika is a film that gives you an understanding of why. It is peculiar, but in a draw-you-in kind of way.

Dr. Atsuko Chiba has been entrusted with the honor of being one of the select psychotherapists chosen to try out the next wave of psychological testing. Dr. Tokita has developed a device, the DC Mini, that allows the psychologist to go into a patient's dreams and interact with them as Paprika. After making a huge breakthrough with a patient, Detective Konakawa, Dr. Chiba realizes that DC Mini is actually a threat. Someone has stolen a DC Mini and is using it for their own gain. It is up to Chiba, Detective Konakawa and Dr. Tokita to find the missing Mini.

Full of odd and colourful explorations of technology and psychology, Paprika is more about morality and the choices humans make. Using psychedelic dream sequences that are not limited by the story, director Satoshi Kon continually surprises the viewer with crazy stuff.

Special Features:
-Tsutsui and Kon's Paprika
-A Conversation About the "Dream"
-The Dream CG World
-The Art of Fantasy
-Previews of Coming to Blu-Ray, Youth Without Youth, Angel-A, Interview, Tekkonkin-Kreet, Moliere, Tokyo Godfathers, Vitus, and Resident Evil: Extinction

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