Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

Family gatherings can be great opportunities to reconnect with relatives that you haven't seen in a while and reminisce about the good times. On the flipside, for some it can be the most dreadful experience ever, coming face to face with family members they cannot stand and reliving past disappointments. "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" follows one man's nightmarish family gathering that he is sure to never forget.

Roscoe Jenkins (Martin Lawrence) is a successful talk show host and is living a grand life. Lots of money, a mansion and is making plans to marry Bianca Kittles (Joy Bryant), the winner of a reality show. Roscoe is caught off guard when he gets an invitation from his parents to attend their wedding anniversary. He reluctantly accepts because his son Jamaal (Damani Roberts) wants to attend the event. Bianca tags along and is shocked to see what type of family the Jenkins actually are. This gathering ignites all kinds of chaos for Roscoe such as an old rivalry with his cousin Clyde (Cederic The Entertainer), constant fighting with his sister Betty (Mo'Nique), a problematic relationship with Papa Jenkins (James Earl Jones) and a visit from his old flame Lucinda (Nicole Ari Parker). These experiences bring out everyone's true colors and Roscoe must figure out how to deal with his own insecurities and come to terms with his issues from the past.

There are very few good quality comedies that come out of Hollywood. Sorry to say that this isn't one of them. It had the potential to be. The story idea was good and people can relate to complicated family issues. I can't say that the film was terrible either, as some of the jokes were funny. The comedy was more visual than actual jokes. The real problem, however, was the script. The story was all over the place. Like a bunch of scenes just thrown together without much development of the characters or the story itself. I was surprised that Martin Lawrence wasn't as funny as the others. Joy Bryant did a good job playing the bitchy & overly ambitious character of Bianca. Mike Epps who played the role of Reggie had some of the best lines and his performance was also notable. If you do decide to go see this movie, don't go with any expectations and don't make any effort to follow the story because there isn't really one. Just sit back and have a few laughs.

Special Features:
-Alternate Ending
-Deleted/Extended Scenes
-Music Video – Joe "We're Family

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