Scarlett Johansson

Actress Scarlett Johansson does Tom Waits. Interesting combination. Sexy actress does gravelly-voiced singer's songs. Like Tom Waits Scarlett definitely has a distinctive voice. I'm not sure she is a singer, but there certainly is a presence to what she does. Her voice is low (male-sounding) and oftentimes overwhelmed by the music. We have to give her credit for attempting this risky move, but it still does not make it a good album.

What is good about the album is David Andrew Sitek's production and arrangement talents. He completely changes the sound of certain songs and shows he has plenty of talent in this area. You can certainly lose yourself in the music on the album.

Scarlett also managed to get David Bowie to agree to do backing vocals on two of the songs. Which turn out to be two of the more tolerable songs. There is also one original track (co-written by Miss Johansson) on the album.