Raw Spice

I don't know if you are like me, but anytime I see the words "unofficial" attached to a biography of a person or group then I become a little hesitant to believe everything I see or read. In this case I do believe what I see in that it is mostly made up of actual video footage of the early days of this British all-girl pop band. It is probably deemed as "unofficial" because the girls are not getting a cut of the profits, which really doesn't concern me in the least as I think they are pretty all right financially.

We are treated to the first days of this musical group that would go on to be one of the biggest all-girl groups ever. The amateur video was shot during their auditions, first days together and intense, continuous rehearsals before they get signed to a record deal.

We sit there like flies on the wall watching the rehearsals, how they all lived together in a small house near London and the first showcase they performed for record producers and songwriters. While this is interesting to see what the girls looked and sounded like before choreographers, stylists and record producers stepped in to fine tune the Spice Girls, we never really get to see the temper tantrums and fights that the video advertises. We do see a small disagreement between Scary (Melanie B) and Ginger (Geri Halliwell), but it really is minor, and there is talk of them having fights, but our TMZ or IN Touch magazine side is not fulfilled by a full on cat fight.

The juiciest moments of the biography come towards the end when the five girls, who are not under any contract, decide after their showcase to dump the two 'managers' they had up until then (for two years these two men supported them and provided a house for them to live in) and go with someone else. This move is spearheaded by Geri Halliwell and demonstrates how ambitious they really were.

What we do see is the daily rehearsals that lasted roughly two years before they exploded onto the music scene. The five girls lived in one house in Maidenhead, England (just outside of London) while rehearsing daily. We get a tour of their bedrooms, some interviews individually from each of the girls and hear of their early ambitions.

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