Dweezil Zappa

The ability to play Frank Zappa music can be summed up in two words: guitar virtuoso and attitude. OK, so that's three words, but who's counting?! You have to have those things to even have a hope and a prayer of playing Zappa's music.

During the summer of 2006, Frank's son Dweezil toured playing his father's songs. The tour was a hit and it became this album. The songs played are from the 1960s through the 80s. Dweezil is joined onstage by Steve Vai and Terry Bozzio on guitar and by several other musicians who played with his father. At the live shows, by virtue of modern technology, Frank Zappa himself played along onscreen.

The music remains provocative and funny even today. It is a must have for Zappa fans (even the most ardent will acknowledge that this is a good album) and of interest to fans of great guitar work.

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