Jimmy Eat World Concert Preview

Coming to the forefront at the beginning of the Emocore wave, Jimmy Eat World have been around since 1993 and evolved from a punk rock band to what we now hear. Going the indie route until the release of their self titled album and the huge single "The Middle" won Continue Reading


Hard rock with plenty of melody and hooks has been Whitesnake's forte for 30 years now. This the year of their 30th anniversary as a band they are releasing their 10th studio album and the first one in over 10 years. Much has happened in rock since the bands heyday Continue Reading

Great Big Sea

I can't believe that these boys from Newfoundland have been around for 15 years already! In that time they have become Canada's best Celtic pop band. Whether they are covering classic Celtic/Maritime tunes or performing originals everything has that Celtic flavour to it. They are fun, upbeat and impossible not Continue Reading