Hard rock with plenty of melody and hooks has been Whitesnake's forte for 30 years now. This the year of their 30th anniversary as a band they are releasing their 10th studio album and the first one in over 10 years. Much has happened in rock since the bands heyday in the 80s with their songs "Here I Go Again" and "Still of the Night" topping the charts. Has the band made the changes required to stay relevant?

I would answer that question with a 'yes'. "Good to be Bad" harkens back to the roots of the band with plenty of bluesy sounding tracks alongside their arena anthem songs. There is a nice balance of 8 up tempo songs alongside 3 ballads. There is plenty of (excuse the expression) but balls to this album. Gone is the cheesy 80s hair band posing and the emphasis seems to be back on the music with the focus off how they look and the women in their videos. They are solid sounding, slick and polished. David Coverdale sounds good and there are plenty of great guitar riffs. Whitesnake fans will be pleased with this effort and welcome the band back with heads banging.

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