The album title is actually "Weezer". It is the third time out of six albums that Weezer have released a self-titled album. So to avoid confusion fans have dubbed it the Red Album. To call this album odd lyrically would be an understatement. What can you say about lyrics like "When it's party time like 1999. I'll party by myself because I'm such a special guy" (from Troublemaker) and "Ah baby, I've been told I'm going crazy" (from The Greatest Man Ever)? Strange to say the least. But then they switch to a poignant, nostalgic song, Heart Songs", which is a tribute to their favourite songs with lyrics like "These are my heart songs. They never feel wrong."

While they do experiment with the lyrics Weezer still sounds the same. With its great hooks, crunchy guitars and fun harmonies. They have inserted some drum machines and electronic sounds, but fundamentally they sound the same. Eventually lead singer Rivers Cuomo gives up the microphone to the three other members of the band to sing lead vocals. Interesting change of pace.

Again what can you say about an album in which the first single released is entitled "Pork and Beans"? They don't go for that easy commercial sound, but rather make music that is interesting. It's quirky, funny, sarcastic, and inherently Weezer.

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