Kings of South Beach

A made for television movie…need I say more?

It is the mid 1990s in New York and small-time crook Andy (Donnie Wahlberg – The Sixth Sense, Saw II) takes part in a home invasion at the residence of Slava Petrov. A woman is killed and Andy is advised to move.

Andy relocates in the South Beach area of Miami. It is six months later and he is working the door at Club Liquid owned by Chris Troiano (Jason Gedrick – Backdraft, Born on the Fourth of July). The club is hot with everyone including Versace, Madonna and Donatella Versace going there. The organized crime division of the Miami police is investigating Troiano and his club. During these hard times Chris comes to trust Andy.

Through his club promoter, Olivia, Chris finds out that Club Shadow is trying to put him out of business. Chris and Andy break in to the rival club and steal their stock of alcohol. At the same time the Russians are trying to take over Chris's club, but he refuses them. Two Russians turn up dead and big trouble is brewing.

The police arrest Andy only to find out that he is an undercover cop from out East. Due to his sketchy conduct Andy's loyalties are being questioned so he is forced to wear a wire.

I guess the creators of this film thought they were quite clever in putting a twist into their product and it isn't horrible, but what is painful is the over an hour prior to it filled with bad acting, bad music, half dressed girls, terrible sub-plots, and pretty laughable action sequences.

Special Features:
-Previews for The Company, Seinfeld: Season 9, Coming to Blu-Ray, and Premonition

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