Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sexsmith is widely heralded as one of Canada's best songwriters and while this might be true I am sorta getting tired of his melancholy sound. Thirty years of similar sounding stuff is a bit much for me. There is little to no difference between the songs on this album. They all blend into one another. Sexsmith receives nothing but raves from the majority of music critics and his peers alike, but somehow his act is getting a little old for me. I want difference and exploration from an artist not what seems like the same old album time and time again. Even if the songs are well written.

The lyrics are still honest and the sound is still soulful. This album features plenty of piano, horns and strings on it with plenty of thought going in to the instrumentation. There are even two instrumental tracks. Recorded in London (strings) and Havana (horns), he has incorporated some of the sounds of both cities on the recording. Here's to hoping that this slight twist means that Sexsmith is thinking of changing direction on his next recording.

The best track and most interesting song on the album is "Brandy Alexander", which was co-written with fellow Canuck Feist. Each artist in turn recorded their own version of the song for their respective albums.

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