Ghost Whisperer

In this popular (from the first episode) CBS series, newlywed Melinda Gordon (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt) has a special talent – she can see dead people. Not in a Sixth Sense kind of way, but in a these are spirits who are not ready to complete their voyage to the beyond for some reason and want her to help them kind of way. Melinda relays the messages of the dead to the usually doubtful at first living. Sometimes the messages are confusing and take some figuring out, but she plods on knowing she is doing a good thing that very few others can.

Episode 1: The Underneath: A photographer takes a picture of Melinda that reveals something.

Episode 2: Don't Try This At Home: After one girl out of a group of college friends dies, Melinda helps them when the deceased begins to haunt them.

Episode 3: Haunted Hero: Matt (played by Matthew Marsden), a friend of Jim's (played by David Conrad), returns from serving overseas with amnesia and the rest of his troop being dead.

Episode 4: No Safe Place: An attourney asks Melinda for her help.

Episode 5: Weight of What Was: Gabriel (played by Ignacio Serricchio) returns to Grandview.

Episode 6: Double Exposure: A college professor (played by Victoria Pratt) meets with Melinda and Professor Payne (played by Jay Mohr) to tell them that a student she was having an affair with just died accidentally.

Episode 7: Unhappy Medium: Melinda deals with a psychic who she believes is telling the family of a deceased what they want to hear rather than the truth so they can make money off of them.

Episode 8: Bad Blood: Melinda is frustrated when two ghosts who do not want to cross over make her engage in a game of twenty questions.

Episode 9: All Ghosts Lead to Granville: Melinda finds out that Becca (played by Makenzie Vega) can also see the dead.

Episode 10: Holiday Spirit: Melinda tries to get a young boy named Riley (played by Tanner Blaze) to talk about the strange things he has seen.

Episode 11: Slam (A.K.A. Slambook): Melinda works with Ned (played by Christoph Sanders) at his school where there has been a few hauntings.

Episode 12: First Do No Harm: Jim has a ghost who blames him for his death.

Episode 13: Home But Not Alone: Ned asks Melinda for her help as he believes his new girlfriend's family is being haunted by their deceased father.

Episode 14: The Gravesitter: Graffiti keeps turning up on Melinda's store's front door.

Episode 15: Horror Show: A student who has just seen a horror film believes they are being haunted.

Episode 16: Deadbeat Dads: Payne suspects that a ten-year-old son of an ex-girlfriend might be his son.

Episode 17: Stranglehold: Melinda finds out some strange news about her father.

Episode 18: Pater Familias: A series of bodily possessions leads to Melinda finding out more about her family.

Special Features: The Other Side II Webseries, Interactive Haunted House, Welcome to the Underworld, Bringing the Spirits to Life, Interactive Mashup, Animated Short, Melinda's Haunted Diary, Evolution of Melinda, Payne's Worl

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