The Love Guru – Blu-Ray Edition

As if it isn't punishment enough for Toronto Maple Leaf fans to have to watch their horrid team stink it up on the ice year after year, but now insult has been heaped on top of injury with the release of this Mike Myer's vehicle which uses the Maple Leafs image and is horrible. Oh those poor Toronto folks…hee hee!

Pitika (Mike Myers – Shrek, So I Married an Axe Murderer) is a young boy who was raised outside of his native country by a guru (Ben Kingsley – Elegy, Ghandi). As an adult he returns home to start up his own self-help business. He faces a big challenge with his client Jane Bullard (Jessica Alba – Good Luck Chuck, Fantastic Four), the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who wants him to solve the problems of her star player, Darren Roanoke (Romany Malco – Baby Mama, Blades of Glory), who has been in a slump since his wife (Meagan Good – Stomp the Yard, Eve's Bayou) dumped him for rival goaltender, Jacques Grande (Justin Timberlake – Shrek the Third, Black Snake Moan).

Taste is subjective, so rarely will you find a film that all viewers will agree on. This film might be the exception to that rule. I think that everyone who saw this film rated it as stinkeroo (to use the technical term). It's too bad because everyone will also agree that Mike Myers is a talented comedic actor…when given the right material. This is most certainly not it.

There are tons of attempts at humour in the film and only about one in twenty works. Even then it usually is because you are trying hard to find something to laugh at. I don't know if Myers (he co-wrote the script) is running out of ideas, but there are jokes in this film that we have seen a million times from him before and they did not work the first time. Now, the millionth time, they are just annoying. The penis and poop jokes reached all-time lows.

Another painful part of the film is the hockey scenes. I was left wondering how a Canadian could portray our national sport so poorly. They are pitiful!

To prove that looks are important in Hollywood, but not everything, Jessica Alba is gorgeous to look at but her acting is quite weak. Or maybe she is just so embarrassed to be in the film that she is just kind of going through the motions.

Special Features:
-"Mike Myers and The Love Guru: An Inside Look"
-"One Hellava Elephant"
-"Hockey Training for Actors"
-Eleven deleted scenes including an alternate ending
-"Back in the Booth With Trent and Jay"
-Outtakes and more
-Theatrical trailer
-Digital copy

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