Steve Howe Solo Guitar Concert Review Sept. 27 2008

Last night's Steve Howe solo concert at The Oscar Peterson Hall on the Concordia University Loyola campus can only be described as pure delight. As the guitar player for most of the last forty years with Yes, one often forgets Howe is a virtuoso on his own. With several solo albums released over the years, Steve Howe has also proven he can carry the load alone. Promoting his new CD entitled 'Motif,' Steve seemed in fine form and in a jovial mood.

The Oscar Peterson Hall set the mood for the show amid its simple architectural design and incredible acoustics (Meyer Sound P.A.). With the opening notes of "Masquerade", I felt as if I was at Steve's home in front of a fire, listening to stories and tunes. Howe appeared very comfortable in this setting, I was transported to different places through the stories that explained the songs. A good example would be "Corkscrew", a song that came from the struggles within Yes in the early years. From members not liking mixes in the studio to reading not always great reviews after shows. Other notable songs included "Jay's theme", written for his wife, a Chet Atkins cover of "Trombone" and a playful version of "Classical Gas".

The show was split into two sets. The first was played on a classic Spanish acoustic guitar. The second set featured the traditional acoustic, a Martin C328, an electric guitar we were told was a Vari-Axe. This guitar can duplicate the tones of many guitars with the twist of a knob. Howe's Dobro guitar sounded great and mainly featured his agility playing mostly slide guitar.

This was the first show of a string in Quebec and Ontario. The first half of the tour is solo acoustic. The second half of the tour will be back in town October 7th at the Theatre Plaza, 6505 rue St-Hubert. The October 7th concert will present Howe's trio, featuring his son Dylan on drums and Ross Stanley on the Hammond organ. Hope to see you all there, it will be another night of magic.

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