James Morrison

Coming off his hit (in the U.K.) debut album, "Undiscovered", James Morrison is facing that sophomore pressure. And maybe also the pressure of translating his success to this side of the pond. Why he hasn't caught on in North America is a mystery to me for the man certainly oozes likeability and talent.

He has that raw, soulful sound going for him and plenty of energy flows from each song. Supposedly he is a 'must see' live. The women should love this stuff as it is genuinely written and full of heart-on-my-sleeve emotion. For guys he is more palatable (i.e. manly) than James Blunt, so they are not too embarrassed to admit they like his stuff. His husky voice goes together perfectly with his soulful sound and unlike the aforementioned Blunt he does not fall into the rut of having all his songs sound the same. There is also very little melancholy on the album, so it does not get too dreary. The upbeat piano loops on the album make the songs very catchy melodically and full of 60s soul sensibilities.

Canadians, check out the duet between Morrison and our own Nelly Furtado on the song "Broken Strings".

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