Made of Honor – Blu-Ray Edition

The lack of original ideas in Hollywood is really beginning to get to me. We now get rehashings of stories that have been done ad nauseum and are passed off as something new. This is basically "My Best Friend's Wedding" with the roles reversed. This time it is the guy figuring out he is in love with his female best friend and goes about trying to sabotage the upcoming nuptials. Do they really think we have no memory and will not remember having watched this film only a few years ago? "Made of Honor" is nothing that you haven't seen before. Several times! And with each retelling it becomes more watered down.

If you rate this film based on the romantic comedy criteria then it is also weak. Not once do I remember laughing out loud at any of the humour. Most of it again was quite predictable and had a been-there-done-that feeling about it. In my opinion they did not take enough advantage of the fish out of water situation that arose due to a male being asked to be the maid of honor. There is plenty of potential for comedic situations there and it was only tapped into in the most superficial of ways.

When you go to a romantic comedy you go to get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. You know that the two leads are going to end up together no matter the obstacles and you do not begrudge the film that. We know what we are getting and asking for from 'chick flicks' but even the fans of romantic comedies have standards.

Tom (Patrick Dempsey – from television's Grey's Anatomy) and Hannah (Michelle Monaghan – North Country, The Heartbreak Kid) have been platonic friends for 10 years since they met in college. Over these 10 years Hannah has been searching for Mr. Right and Tom has been bedding Miss All Right For Now. To say that Tom has commitment issues is an understatement. They are the best of friends but seemingly exact opposites.

While Hannah is away in Scotland for six weeks Tom realizes that he is in love with her and ready for a real relationship. Tom is going to tell her about his feelings when she returns but his plan is dashed when Hannah returns home with Colin (Kevin McKidd – Trainspotting, De-Lovely), a man she met in Scotland and is now engaged to.

Hannah asks Tom to be her maid of honor. After hesitating and thinking he cannot go through with it due to his feeling for Hannah, Tom agrees and sets out trying to discredit Colin and show Hannah that he is the man for her.

Special Features:
-Deleted Scenes
– Save the Date: The Making of Made of Honor
-Three Weddings and a Skyline

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